A few months back, I embarked on a journey of asking every entrepreneur I could contact what was the difference between an entrepreneur and a business owner? You know what I mean. There are business owners who’s businesses are 10, 20 or 100 times bigger than an entrepreneurs, but they still are just business owners, not entrepreneurs.

There is something special about the Entrepreneur, and whilst I knew what it was in my heart, I couldn’t find a way to say it out loud.

Not every person who goes into business for themselves is an Entrepreneur. And not every Entrepreneur started his or her own business. So what is the difference?

I reached out to my friends and contacts in the Entrepreneurs Organization, as well as directly to high profile people like Richard Branson, Rupert Murdoch and Clive Palmer. None of this high profile people responded.

But from all the responses I did get, I managed to answer my question.

This is my definition, and I encourage you to challenge it, comment or add your thoughts

An entrepreneur is someone who is taking action to passionately pursue their vision.

The real difference between someone in business, and an Entrepreneur is vision. The difference between someone with an idea and an Entrepreneur is action. So in my view, the Entrepreneur is someone who is taking action to passionately pursue their vision.

Many successful business people can grow their business, enter new markets and achieve great things. This is what most successful businesses do every day. There are plenty of examples of this if you think about it. But this doesn't make them Entrepreneurs.

And many successful people start a business and make money - some make a lot, others enough to live a comfortable life. Some even go broke. And yes, I believe you can be successful and broke. Money or not, simply being in business does not make you an Entrepreneur.

But the Entrepreneur, he or she has a vision that is about more than growth, its about how they will change the world (even if the world is their small niche) and they take action, passionately to pursue that vision and see it come true.

Some see their Vision realised, others (like Walt Disney and his Disneyland Theme Park) never see it completed for real, but have it crystal clear in their mind, can see it completed everyday they get up to work on it and create enough momentum that it is achieved long after they have left the scene.

A vision is more than a plan, more than a goal, more than a sales or growth target, its a view to change the world. Its what binds a great team, builds a great culture and in my view, its what sets an Entrepreneur apart from a business man or women.

Entrepreneurs change the world. The take action and pursue a vision.

NB - Success is how you define it. It is not necessarily about wealth created, people employed, turnover or gross profit. Its about whatever is Success in your mind. For me, success is about Balance between my Family, Business and Self.