Just watching the 7:30 report and they're running a story on the rising unemployment, and how job seekers are struggling to find suitable work. As usual, there is the token "Ive sent out 10 hundred thousand resumes and haven't even got an interview" job seeker.

As usual, the job seeker says something like "I'm applying for everything and I'll do anything, I just need a job".

People - the reason you haven't got a job is your not looking for a job - your looking for anything!!!

As a professional recruiter, and an employer, I've always held this belief to be true. And I've coached and cautioned my clients to the same.

"Any job is better than no job, any other job is better than this job".

The problem from an employers perspective with giving you a job is that sure you will take any job, and you will do anything, but only until something better comes along. And that means the poor employer is often back to square one, having to start the recruitment process again.

This is just an unnecessary cost and interruption. Its especially unnecessary when we are having 100 or more applicants apply for a single role. Most job applicants don't realise that typically there is more than 100 applicants for a single role. That means that at least 99 people are going to be disappointed.

If you really want to get a job, pick a few roles that you think you might enjoy and go hard after them. Don't only look at the ones advertised, go after the ones not advertised too.  Call employers who have those types and roles and tell them your story. If they can't help you, ask if they know anyone who can.

Tailor your application to the roles your seeking. The number of times I have reviewed resumes that say something like "I'm looking for a full time, part time or casual position in retail, hospitality, manufacturing, or administrative role where I can bla bla bla". Does your resume have this?

It doesn't tell me anything - yet it tells me everything. It tells me you don't have focus, and you don't care what job you get, which tells me your probably not going to appreciate the role when you get it. Whether this is true or not its irrelevant - whether you realise it or not, thats what your telling me with your approach.

Instead have several resumes, one for each type of role your seeking. "I'm looking for a full time opportunity in Hospitality" or "Office Admin has my name all over it" and send each tailored resume to each specific role.

 And don't stop there.
Contact the employer every 14 days to see if things have changed. If another position has become available. If the person they hired instead of you is working out. Mix it up. Call, drop by and as a very last resort, send an email.

Looking for work is hard work. And you need to work hard at it. But the good news is working hard at it is not that hard. And it doesn't last that long. Of the 100 applicants we're getting for each role, less than 10% have gone to the effort I described above. And of that 10%, less than 10% will actually follow up beyond the initial application.

So the World According to Shane - Pick a target, get focused like a laser and start working on your dream job. With employers who are not only advertising, but also the ones you know have those types of jobs. And stop being part of the 99%. The 1% is where all the rewards are at.